Kitchen before renovation Kitchen before renovation
Kitchen after renovation Kitchen after renovation (Model: Brindisi)

To change cabinet doors you will need the following tools: screwdriver, drill (and a saw or jigsaw or planer if the old drawer front can not be removed)

Cabinet doors

Changing doors and drawer fronts

First, we remove the old doors and hinges. We attach the new hinges to the doors and clip the mounting plates on the hinges. While holding the door in front of the cabinet we mark the place for the mounting plate screws on the cabinet. The bottom edges of all the doors should of course be in one horizontal line. After drilling the necessary holes into the cabinet, we remove the mounting plates from the hinges and fasten them on the cabinet by screws. Finally, we clip on the door and adjust its position. With our concealed hinges, the cabinet doors can be adjusted in all 3 directions.

Drawer fronts

Dovetail joint Changing the drawer front

The easiest way is to remove the old fronts and replace them with the new ones but it is not always possible. When it is not possible to remove the old drawer front, we have to cut the old front around to the same dimensions as the drawer and attach the new front on top of the old one. This way the old drawer front will be pushed into the cabinet.
First, we drill holes for the handles into the new drawer fronts with a d = 4 mm drill. We hold the new front in place and mark the holes for the handle on the old drawer front. We drill then the holes for the handles over the old drawer with a 5 mm drill and install the new fronts and handles using the handle-screws to keep the drawer front in place. After confirming the position of the fronts (and adjusting them if necessary by extending the holes in the drawer, not in the new fronts) we can fix the fronts by glue or additional screws. When using screws, drill a hole from the back with a drill that is shorter than the total thickness of the drawer front to avoid drilling all the way through the new front. We use screws that go 8-15 mm into the new front.