Prices on our website are based on the following standard kitchen. (Click image to enlarge)

Please note that we have no standard dimensions. All doors are manufactured to fit your cabinets and in colour of your choice. The standard kitchen to the right is used only to make price comparison easier.

Price per standard kitchen Colour A Colour B Without laminate
Modena, Napoli-A, Napoli-B, Napoli-C 6690 kr 5890 kr 5590 kr
Bello, Genova-A, Genova-B, Rondo 6690 kr 6490 kr 5590 kr
Bolzano, Täcksidor, Socklar 6690 kr 6490 kr -
Alicante, Andorra, Calabria, Cartagena, Galicia, Girona, Lissabon, Padova, Palermo, Parma, Pisa, Salerno, Sassari, Sevilla, Tarragona, Torino-E, Trento, Trieste, València 6990 kr 6690 kr 5990 kr
Bello-Classic, Brindisi, Firenze-A, Firenze-B, Lyon, Mallorca, Mallorca-Classic, Modena-Classic, Murcia, Orly, Palma, Palma-Classic, Ravenna, Sardinien, Sicilien, Torino-G, Torino-H, Venezia 7290 kr 6690 kr 6190 kr
Zaragoza 8190 kr 7990 kr 7190 kr
Antiqe treated doors: Bello-Antik, Mallorca-Antik, Messina-Antik, Modena-Antik, Palma-Antik, Venezia-Antik, Zaragoza-Antik 9590 kr 9590 kr -
Colour A: grå furu, kaffe latte, ljus bok-2, ljust körsbär, mörk valnöt, mörkast valnöt, mörkbrun ek, plommon, sand, sågad ek, vit, vit furu, vit valnöt, ådrad créme, ådrad grå
Colour B: ek-2, gammal ek, ivory, lönn, mahogny-2, mörk al, mörk anrik furu, präglad vit, röd bok, vanilj-2, ådrad vit-2
Colours in italics can be antiqued.
*Doors has white back. Same colour as the front can be ordered for 412kr/sq.m. (Colour B) or 449kr/sq.m. (Colour A)
Cabinet doors can be ordered with glass inserts for +670kr/sq.m. or without glass for +120kr/sq.m.
Price per standard kitchen - high gloss colours High gloss white Colour C
Bello, Genova-A, Genova-B, Napoli-A, Rondo 6790 kr 7690 kr
Andorra, Girona, Mallorca, Parma, Ravenna, Sardinien, Sassari, Tarragona 7690 kr 8390 kr
Colour C: högblank cappuccino, högblank créme, högblank grafitgrå, högblank rubinröd-2, högblank svart, högblank svart marmor, högblank vanilj, högblank vit marmor, högblank zebrano
Maximum height and width for all profiles in glossy colours is 100 centimeters.

If you want to calculate what your whole kitchen would cost go to our webshop, choose profile, then colour and fill in the size and the quantity. Click on buy and you will see the price of the cabinet doors. Repeat with the next door.

To get a quote click here, fill out the form and mail it to us.

Shipping depends on weight and package size and is between 590 kr and 890 kr. You can check the exact shipping cost in your shopping cart. No other charges applies.

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